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The Thing With Feathers release 'We'll Be Fine'

The band comes roaring back with an instant feel-good crowd-pleaser.

The Thing With Feathers released their latest single, ‘We’ll Be Fine’, to all digital streaming platforms on April 9th.

Exhilaratingly tight performances from the rhythm section, topped with an infectious guitar hook and bold, anthemic vocals come at the perfect time as we begin to feel a breath of fresh air from this pandemic. This instant crowd-pleaser, filled with bouncing rhythms and high-energy breakdowns, brings the intensity of an arena-sized show right into the listeners headphones.

Produced by Kyle Dreaden (Parachute) and mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Liam Gallagher), ‘We’ll Be Fine’ is the bands final standalone single before they begin promotion on their debut EP, produced by Owen Lewis (Lady Gaga, Snow Patrol).

David Welcsh, frontman of the group, says: "I had the idea of a conversation with someone you're flirting with and you start talking about the potential of what your relationship together could be. The imagery plays into what their relationship might look like. It’s a coy, cocky, romantic character that is trying to convince someone to spend the night with him by welcoming them into his imagination and what he hopes their future together could be. By the end, that future has consumed him and it's no longer really about just spending a night together. It's about the hope of finding love."

Within its first week of release, the track garnered thousands of plays on Spotify as well as YouTube, and has received glowing reviews from press. Greg Jones of Ear to the Ground says of the track: "There’s an optimism to this track that I genuinely appreciate. This is a sentiment that I definitely felt a lot at the beginning of 2021 as things began to improve around here. I appreciate the poppy rock energy and toe-tapping rhythm. I dig the way the lyrics are both personal and relatable for others. The electric guitars and the vocal blending are definitely the high points for me."

'We'll Be Fine', along with an accompanying lyric video that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the band both on stage and in the studio, are now available on YouTube and all digital streaming platforms. Watch the lyric video below!

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