The Thing With Feathers release 'Static'

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

The Thing With Feathers, best known for their pop-sensitive tracks such as ‘Figure It Out’ and ‘We’ll Be Fine’, released their latest single, ‘Static’, on November 19th.

An exhilaratingly tight performance from the bands rhythm section, coupled with a seamless electric riff and alcohol-induced vulnerability (“You call me static, whatever that means // You bought me whiskey, we call it clean // And you would have me pull out my teeth, so you can be the rebel in your scene”), The Feathers balance an infectious hook with the fear of falling short in their hardest-hitting track to date. Masterfully produced by Owen Lewis (Old Sea Brigade, Maddie Medley, Snow Patrol), the single is poised to be the first single off of their upcoming debut EP, Sundays In The South.

"Chris Roussell’s groove-heavy drums and Sean Carroll’s driving bass lines create an undeniably danceable, energetic vibe. Meanwhile, Alex Hendricks’ jangly, overdriven guitars give the track an ethereal yet electric vibe. The band then explodes into a big, hard-hitting chorus that’s rife with infectious, catchy hooks, with singer David Welcsh’s powerful vocals commanding the mix." - MUSIC MECCA

"With an atmospheric, anthemic sound the track builds through guitar-based playfulness and gruff vocals towards a hard-hitting chorus that will be stuck in your head for days. The track really builds well and shows great skill in songwriting to just let it simmer before exploding in indie loveliness." - VINYL CHAPTERS

Watch the official lyric video above or CLICK HERE to stream the song!

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