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The Thing With Feathers announce U.S. Spring, Summer Tour

The Feathers announced a twenty-one date tour of the U.S. today. The first tour for the band sees them head through Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida among others.

Tickets are now on sale at

Upcoming tour schedule:

3.25: Chattanooga, TN

5.13: Charlotte, NC

5.14: Atlanta, GA

6.2: Jackson, MS

6.3: New Orleans, LA

6.4: Tyler, TX

6.5: Houston, TX

6.7: Dallas, TX

6.11: Newport, KY

8.11: Cleveland, OH

8.12: Chicago, IL

8.13: Louisville, KY

8.18: Little Rock, Arkansas

8.19: Fort Worth, TX

8.20: Oklahoma City, OK

8.21: Tulsa, OK

8.24: Nashville, TN

8.25: St. Petersburg, FL

8.26: Orlando, FL

8.28: Atlanta, GA

9.21: Memphis, TN

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