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The Feathers release latest single, 'Everything I'm Missing'

The Thing With Feathers released the fourth single off their upcoming EP, 'Everything I'm Missing', over the weekend. The song saw tremendous success over its opening weekend, receiving tremendous reviews from the press and thousands of streams over its first three days.

It's All Indie said of the track: "The new offering is the Nashville band's first of 2023 and will certainly be setting the mood for the rest of the year, as it's once again a lesson in how to write radio-friendly, anthemic indie-rock tunes that can traverse the world."

Unrecorded wrote: "With a smattering of 2010s indie-rock, early 2000s pop-punk and quintessential Nashville songwriting, the latest single from three-piece band The Thing With Feathers has so many elements that we just find irresistible. It's no secret that nostalgic indie music is our soft when we first listened to 'Everything I'm Missing', we were instantly drawn into this enticing melange of sounds."

From Mystic Sons: "Channeling more of that rich and euphoric indie-rock direction they have built for themselves, 'Everything I'm Missing' makes for a brilliantly fun and engaging listen. Bringing back more of the same lofty riffs and vibrant energy we love them for, they are kicking off their 2023 with one of their most endearing tracks to date."

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